About The Adam Virgo Academy

The Adam Virgo Academy is an elite youth development programme offering weekly training sessions at various locations across Sussex, for boys and girls aged from 5 to 19.

About Us

The sessions take place on 3G and 4G pitches, including the FIFA-approved 4G pitch at Steyning Town FC. We aim to provide high level coaching in communities across Sussex and we also work closely with non-league clubs to offer their players an opportunity for extra quality coaching, delivered by FA qualified coaches, and also under the guidance of Adam, who will be overlooking the whole project on a daily basis. As part of becoming an Academy member, Adam himself will also be available for parents to speak to on a one-to-one basis.

To celebrate our launch, we’re offering new members a Welcome Pack Membership at a discounted rate.

Our members can enjoy their football in a safe environment on quality pitches, whilst being educated to develop their sporting skills on the pitch and their etiquette, discipline, manners, and the correct sportsmanship off the pitch, all the while following the FA guidance of respect to coaches and fellow people on a daily basis.

The membership also allows the opportunity for parents of children wishing to pursue a career as a professional footballer the best options, advice and direction going forward with Adam’s professional experience and knowledge, to advise the children and parents.

  • Train like a professional:
  • Football skills
  • Individual techniques
  • Games and 5-a-side matches
  • Healthy living
  • Delivered by FA, Level 1, 2 and 3, together with UEFA B and A coaches
  • Fully insured, DBS and First Aid certified

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Our mission is to develop in young players the skills to excel at an elite level on the field; and to instil in them a vision of football as a platform to excel in life – on and off the pitch. Our professional coaches are committed to developing innovate ways of passing on their experience, and to forging new pathways into higher levels of the game. Depending on the level of the player, we also look to develop skills that players would not usually practice in team training sessions.

The Adam Virgo Academy nurtures players’ individual strengths and creativity and instils in them a commitment to self-improvement, discipline and the success of working in a team with fellow players.

We offer advice and recognise talent and know the right tools required to become a professional footballer. The Academy recognises genuine talent but also welcomes beginners who may be a little bit shy and nervous to begin with. Our coaches will make them feel at ease and they will be sure to leave with a smile on their face.


  • Personal to every individual.
  • An end product of an education course.
  • Regular interaction with a former professional footballer.

The Academy system does not work to the child’s advantage as there are too many hurdles with people making assumptions about their ability.

What does the Adam Virgo Academy offer?

  • We only use coaches with first-hand experience of the standard required at the Academy.
  • Coaches are picked because of their excellence at coaching different age groups, which is vital for children.
  • A no-pressure environment for girls and boys of ALL abilities
  • Understanding of the football system – how it works and what is the reality in the world of being a footballer.
  • Honest, approachable support to the children and parents.
  • Children gain experience by playing one-off tournaments and competitions against other academies.
  • Coaching and mentoring.
  • An opportunity to play football around the world, not just UK.
  • A focus on nutrition and a healthy active lifestyle for children.
  • Divert children’s attention to get away from technology and get back outside into the fresh air.
  • A top standard of professionalism from the coaches.


  • Structured training provided from the sessions
  • Coaches providing clear guidance on skills and ways to improve ball skills
  • Elite teams provide gifted children with opportunities to progress and enhance skills
  • Football badges obtained through the Academy
  • Education opportunities (14yrs old +) – career opportunities – portfolio building


  • To ensure the Adam Virgo Football Academy is accessible to all children from the ages of 5yrs – 19yrs old of all abilities.
  • To ensure all children have the opportunity to enjoy playing sports and learn new skills through playing football.
  • To provide the opportunity for progression for elite children
  • To provide career opportunities of work within the football world on and off the pitch.
  • To promote the Adam Virgo Football Agency to offer opportunities for children to progress in the best interest of the child
  • To create a sustainable business model which enables the organisation to grow and support wider communities through playing football


Our sessions and training camps provide a fun and educational football environment where children learn using a kinaesthetic – tactile learning, where youngsters play football, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations – technique, directly from former professional players and coaches.

We understand the pathway to becoming a professional footballer can be very tricky and there certainly will be a lot of ups and downs along the way. Adam has taken careful consideration to set up his own agency within the Academy where you will be offered the best service from Adam personally, working with parents and the potential footballer in the making.

The Academy wants to build a relationship of trust with parents and children alike, hence why the Agency has been set up. You can read more about it here.


Sessions take place after school, during the week. We will also be running our popular half-term and holiday football camps throughout the year. Click here to view testimonials from our many happy parents and players.

The Adam Virgo Academy programme is designed for 5 to 19-year-old boys and girls of all abilities. All training sessions are carefully structured to achieve the correct balance of the technical, tactical, physical and educational components of the game, according to the age and stage of each individual player.

“Keeping parents happy is a priority too, and with this in mind our sessions are at convenient, after-school times.

We give the children of Sussex the best opportunity of becoming a professional footballer but also offer an education, a healthy lifestyle, fun and a potentially successful future for those who’d like to be involved in football.

We believe there is far too much pressure on children – from an early age – working in professional academies. We allow the child time to develop and, above all, enjoy their training without having any extra pressure on them. I believe children will learn far more with less pressure. Enjoying their football makes them forget about pressure.

At an early age, we provide high-quality equipment and pitches but in my opinion your coaches are very important. It doesn’t matter where you are, if you have good quality coaches and equipment the children will still learn just as much as if they were at a professional club.

I want to set my own personal standards from when I was a professional footballer and implement it through my pupils and coaches. I want children to remember this time fondly because my early upbringing in football put me on a good pathway from a young age. I genuinely believe attitude and hard work will always get you further than someone with the ability and talent – but without the right attitude. I wasn’t the most talented player but I made sure I was the one that worked the hardest on and off the pitch.

We have looked into working alongside the parents’ busy schedules, setting the times for after-school so children are more alert and eager to learn. We feel this will be far more efficient than having later start times and children getting home too later after training. This way, it shouldn’t cut into their daily routine too much!”

Adam Virgo


When investigating the potential of going professional, Adam will work one-to-one with the child.

The Agency will recognise talent at an early age, and we want to build a relationship with the parents and child so we can offer the best direction. Timing will be very important and we will recognise when is the best time to push your child forward into a professional club.

We don’t want to waste opportunities by pushing children too early where they could end up being lost in the system. Adam enjoyed a 13-year career as a professional footballer and is on hand to advise on a regular basis the hurdles that the game brings; from having the right attitude, to advising the best options financially when the player moves on and is established.

The Agency can also share Adam’s experience – both good and bad – of using agents through his career. The main thing is to be honest and upfront so we are all looking in the right direction. Agents come and go but we want to take your child on at an early stage and go through their career with you.

Adam’s contacts with the Football League and National League are extensive and we are also building relationships abroad. Trust is a difficult thing to find in football and we want to provide the best service from our agency, and not promise anything we can’t deliver.

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